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All Eight Ivy League Schools Rank in Top 13 of the 10th Annual NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings

2012 Rankings

Courtesy of the National Collegiate Scouting Association

CHICAGO -- All eight Ivy League schools were ranked among the top 13 NCAA Division I institutions in the 10th Annual NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings.

Harvard led the way for the Ivies ranked fourth followed by Princeton (t-6th), Columbia (t-6th), Yale (8th), Dartmouth (9th), Penn (t-11th), Brown (t-11th) and Cornell (13th).
NCSA Athletic Recruiting's Collegiate 2012 Power Rankings assess the academic and athletics standards of all NCAA athletic programs across the country. The Power Rankings were developed to help prospective student athletes and their families evaluate the particular strengths of the top colleges and universities at the Division I, II and III levels.
"The Power Rankings are an objective tool to empower student athletes to find the right fit in a college or university, not only for its athletics, but academics as well," says Lisa Strasman, COO and President of NCSA Athletic Recruiting. "Our hope is to educate these student athletes and their parents on the importance of evaluating schools that will provide the education for an enriched, successful career after college, in addition to athletic success."
The Collegiate Power Rankings from NCSA Athletic Recruiting are calculated for each Division I, II and III college and university by averaging student-athlete graduation rates, academic rankings provided by U.S. News & World Report, and the strength of athletic departments as determined by the Learfield Sports Directors' Cup.
These Power Rankings are only one example of NCSA Athletic Recruiting's commitment to redefining collegiate recruiting.  As the leading athletic recruiting network, NCSA connects more than 42,000 college coaches with student-athletes who hope to pursue both higher education and the chance to compete in athletics at the college level.