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December 11, 2013

The Ivy League Awarded 2017 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships

NCAA Championship Site Selections & Selection Show

Portions courtesy of the NCAA

PRINCETON, N.J. -- The NCAA has awarded the 2017 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships to the Ivy League and the Metro Athletic Conference to co-host the three-divisional regatta on Lake Mercer in West Windsor, N.J.

"We really want to thank everyone who put in a bid," said Mark Lewis, NCAA executive vice president of championships and alliances. "The competitiveness of the bids made it extremely difficult for the sport committees to select sites as there just weren’t spots for all of the great bids we received. Ultimately the sites that were selected will provide our student-athletes, coaches and fans the best experience possible."

This will mark the first time the Ivy League office has formally been awarded the opportunity to host an NCAA championship event.

The League submitted a bid proposal as a part of the new NCAA championship bid process, which created the largest host site announcement ever spanning 82 championships across a four-year cycle. Previously, selection announcements varied by sport. This process now gives the NCAA and host sites more time to plan each championship experience.

Bidding for 82 of 89 NCAA championships began in July and 1,984 bid applications were ultimately submitted. Each sport committee, per division, selected the host sites it believed would provide the ultimate experience for the respective student-athletes, resulting in 523 total championship event sites awarded. The seven championships not included in the process due to preexisting site arrangements are: Division I baseball, Division I men’s basketball, Division I football, Division I men’s and women’s golf, Division I softball and Division III women’s ice hockey.