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The Boys of Spring

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Courtesy of the New York Times

Baseball has begun in Tokyo, as the game expands worldwide. But the teams other than the Red Sox and A's are still in Florida and Arizona, and for a few more days they're all contenders. That's part of what's so great about spring training: anything is possible; every team starts from the same point, zero wins and zero losses. Players from all over the world descend upon sunny climes, just as hopeful as their fans.

I was once one of those players. Even though I retired from professional baseball three years ago, my internal clock is set to go off in March, telling me that I am supposed to be putting on a uniform. I've discovered that watering my rooftop garden is not a worthy substitute for getting grass stains on my pants from making a great diving catch in the outfield. Now I have to rely on my memory to soothe my instincts. Since a baseball player has the memory of an elephant, my first spring training with the Chicago Cubs might as well have happened yesterday.

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- A.S.