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Nice Catch

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Courtesy: Mike Szostak, Providence Journal

When Brown football coach Phil Estes and his defensive coordinator Mike Kelleher were recruiting Paul Raymond in 2004, they flew to Florida to find out if their prospect was ready to commit.

They went to Miami Senior High School, hardly a hangout for Ivy League recruiters, and found Raymond in the hallway near the football office. As they approached, he began to walk by them.

"Paul is very quiet. He's just a shy guy. If we hadn't stopped him, he would have walked by," Estes said yesterday while describing one of the best receivers in the Ivy League this season. "We said hi, and he said hi. We said we flew all the way down here to talk to him, and he said OK. We asked if he had made a decision, and he said no. We asked if he would make a decision soon, and he said yes. We walked out after 15 minutes."

Estes chuckled and added, "The trip was worth it because we got him."

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