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Princeton Men's Fencing Wins First Ivy League Title Since 2010

Princeton Men's Fencing Wins First Ivy League Title Since 2010

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- Princeton posted an undefeated record of 5-0 to claim the 2012 Ivy League men's fencing title. It marked Princeton's first Ivy title since 2010 and 14th overall dating back to its first title in 1959.

The Tigers used high win totals from senior Alexander Mills, who went 11-4 in foil, junior Edward Kelley, who posted a 12-2 mark in epée, and junior Jonathan Yergler, who went 11-3 in epée.

In the first set of matches on Sunday, Princeton squared off with Yale, which was looking to get back into the title race with a win. But in the end it was the Tigers who proved victorious, 18-9, on the strength of an 8-1 mark in sabre. In the other round five match, Harvard defeated Columbia 15-12 including three foil wins by Crimson freshman Brian Kaneshige.

In the dramatic sixth round, the Lions pushed the Tigers to the brink but Yergler turned in a 5-2 epée win over Alen Hadzic to clinch the win and move Princeton's record to 4-0 on the day. Columbia freshman Will Spear came through with a 3-0 sabre record versus Princeton, while Spear's foil teammate Alex Pensler also turned in three wins versus Princeton.

Also in round six, Harvard defeated Brown 18-9, to keep the pressure on Princeton and Penn downed Yale, 16-11. Harvard earned the win on the strength of a 7-2 mark in epée, while the Quakers' win was spurred on by seven sabre wins.

In the final round, Columbia defeated Yale, 18-9, and Princeton downed Brown, 16-11, to win the title. Harvard finished second with a 4-1 record, while Columbia finished tied for third with Penn at 2-3 on the day. It marked the Lions' best finish since 2009.

Most Outstanding Performer
: William Spear, Columbia (Sabre)
Most Outstanding Rookie
: William Spear, Columbia (Sabre)

First Team All-Ivy

William Spear, Columbia Men's Sabre
Valentin Staller, Harvard Men's Sabre
Evan Prochniak, Penn Men's Sabre

Alexander Mills, Princeton Men's Foil
Alex Pensler, Columbia Men's Foil
Barrett Weiss, Brown Men's Foil
Brian Kaneshige, Harvard Men's Foil

Edward Kelley, Princeton Men's Epée
Jonathan Yergler, Princeton Men's Epée
James Hawrot, Harvard Men's Epée

Second Team All-Ivy
Sean Turner, Penn Men's Sabre
Melvin Rodriguez, Columbia Men's Sabre
Robert Stone, Princeton Men's Sabre
Teddy Weller, Brown Men's Sabre

James Broughton, Yale Men's Foil
Lucas Lin, Harvard Men's Foil

Kelly McGuire, Brown Men's Epée
Peter Cohen, Yale Men's Epée
Sean Leahy, Columbia Men's Epée

Final Standings
1. Princeton, 5-0
2. Harvard, 4-1
3. Columbia, 2-3
4. Penn, 2-3
5. Brown, 1-4
5. Yale, 1-4

Round One
Columbia def. Brown, 19-8 (E: 6-3; F: 6-3; S: 7-2)
Harvard def. Penn, 14-13 (E: 6-3; F: 3-6; S: 5-4)

Round Two
Yale def. Brown, 17-10 (E: 6-3; F: 6-3; S: 5-4)
Princeton def. Penn, 19-8 (E: 8-1; F: 7-2; S: 4-5)

Round Three
Penn def. Columbia, 15-12 (E:4-5; F: 6-3; S:5-4)
Harvard def. Yale, 15-12 (E: 3-6; F: 5-4; S: 7-2)

Round Four
Princeton def. Harvard, 14-13 (E: 6-3; F: 5-4; S: 3-6)
Brown def. Penn, 14-13 (E: 4-5; F: 6-3; S: 4-5) 

Round Five
Princeton def. Yale, 18-9 (E-7-2; F: 3-6; S: 8-1)
Harvard def. Columbia, 15-12 (E: 5-4; F: 6-3; S: 4-5)

Round Six
Penn def. Yale, 16-11 (E: 5-4; F: 4-5; S: 7-2)
Harvard def. Brown, 18-9 (E: 7-2; F: 6-3; S: 5-4)
Princeton def. Columbia, 14-13 (E: 5-4; F: 6-3; S: 3-6)

Round Seven
Columbia def. Yale, 18-9 (E: 9-0; F: 5-4; S: 4-5)
Princeton def. Brown, 16-11 (E: 4-5; F: 6-3; S: 6-3)