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NCAA Fencing Championship Selections Announced

NCAA Fencing Championship Selections Announced

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA announced the 144 individual selections for the 2014 NCAA Fencing Championships on Tuesday. 

Defending national champion Princeton qualified the maximum 12 fencers - six in each weapon - for the fifth consecutive year. Harvard had 11 fencers named, while Columbia had 10 and Penn had nine. Yale also had five while Cornell and Brown each had two.

Ohio State will host the championships March 20-23 at French Fieldhouse in Columbus, Ohio.

The men's and women's fencing championships include individual events in each of the six weapons (men's épée, men's foil, men's saber, women's épée, women's foil, women's saber).

Fencers will compete in a round-robin format of five-touch bouts.  After the round-robin, the top-four finishers in each weapon will fence in semifinal 15-touch bouts, with the winners fencing to determine first and second places, and the non-advancing fencers being awarded a tie for third place.

An institution's place finish in the championships will be based on points earned by each individual.  A team will be awarded one point for each victory by its student-athletes for the duration of the championships.

The following individuals were selected to participate in this year's championships:

Simon Jones Brown  Northeast
Paul Duchow Cleveland State  Midwest
Jake Hoyle Columbia Northeast
Brian Ro Columbia Northeast
Dylan Nollner Duke  Mid-Atlantic/South
Alessio Santoro Duke  Mid-Atlantic/South
Alexander Eldeib Harvard  Northeast
Mike Raynis Harvard  Northeast
Joseph Rafidi MIT Northeast
Conor Shepard Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Yasser Mahmoud Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Jack Hudson Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Alex House Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Jonathan Jacovino Sacred Heart  Northeast
Charles Clark Sacred Heart  Northeast
Cooper Schumacher St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Yevgeniy Karyuchenko St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Jake Harbour Stanford  West
Paul Riviere Stanford  West
Kristian Boyadzhiev Ohio State  Midwest
Inaki de Guzman Ohio State  Midwest
Garrett McGrath Notre Dame Midwest
Royce Shipp Penn Mid-Atlantic/South
Clifford Fishler Penn Mid-Atlantic/South


Noah Berman Brandeis  Northeast
Adam Mathieu Columbia Northeast
Harrison Bergman Columbia Northeast
Joseph Lam Duke  Mid-Atlantic/South
Michael Woo Harvard  Northeast
Brian Kaneshige Harvard  Northeast
David Kong NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Christian Vastola New York University Northeast
Nobuo Bravo Penn State  Mid-Atlantic/South
David Willette Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Michael Dudey Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Rodney Chen Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Andrew Holmes Sacred Heart  Northeast
Max Blitzer St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Michele Caporizzi St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Alex Massialas Stanford West
Stephan Aman Stanford West
Zain Shaito Ohio State Midwest
Christopher Colley Ohio State Midwest
Alex Chiang Air Force West
Gerek Meinhardt Notre Dame Midwest
Kristjan Archer Notre Dame Midwest
Jason Chang Penn Mid-Atlantic/South
Quentin Schneider Wayne State (Mich.) Midwest


Adam Mandel Brandeis Northeast
Geoffrey Loss Columbia Northeast
William Spear Columbia Northeast
Chris Monti Duke  Mid-Atlantic/South
Alexander Ryjik Harvard  Northeast
Eric Arzoian Harvard  Northeast
Andrew Kelly New York University Northeast
Adrian Bak Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Kaito Streets Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Philip Dershwitz Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Peter Pak Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Roman Sydorenko St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Ferenc Valkai St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Ryhs Douglas Ohio State  Midwest
Fares Arfa Ohio State  Midwest
Ryan Redhead Air Force  West
Travis Tibbitts UC-San Diego West
Sam Austin North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Kevin Hassett Notre Dame Midwest
John Hallsten Notre Dame Midwest
Shaul Gordon Penn Mid-Atlantic/South
Steven Yang Penn Mid-Atlantic/South
Hugh O'Cinneide Yale  Northeast
Reed Srere Yale  Northeast


Mason Speta Columbia Northeast
Victoria Wines Cornell  Northeast
Sarah Collins Duke  Mid-Atlantic/South
Isabel DiTella Harvard  Northeast
Emma Vaggo Harvard  Northeast
Courtney Dumas Northwestern  Midwest
Dina Bazarbayeva Northwestern  Midwest
Jessie Gottesman-Radanovich Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Jessica O'Neil-Lyublinsky Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Susannah Scanlan Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Katherine Holmes Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Megan Floyd Sacred Heart  Northeast
Alina Ferdman St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Isis Washington St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Vivian Kong Stanford  West
Francesca Bassa Stanford  West
Chantal Montrose Temple  Mid-Atlantic/South
Rachael Clark Temple  Mid-Atlantic/South
Eugenia Falqui Ohio State  Midwest
Caroline Piasecka Ohio State  Midwest
Nicole Ameli Notre Dame Midwest
Ashley Severson Notre Dame Midwest
Aleina Edwards Penn Mid-Atlantic/South
Katherine Miller Yale Northeast 
Caroline Mattos Brandeis Northeast
Kathryn Hawrot Brown Northeast
Jackie Dubrovich Columbia Northeast
Sara Taffel Columbia Northeast
Angelica Gangemi Cornell  Northeast
Alexandra Kiefer Harvard Northeast
Jennifer Yamin Northwestern Midwest
Clarisse Luminet Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Alina Antokhina Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Ambika Singh Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Sharon Gao Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Marta Hausman St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Irene Spezzamonte St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Fatima Largaespada Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Alanna Goldie Ohio State  Midwest
Mona Shaito Ohio State Midwest
Madeleine Girardot Air Force West
Mary McElwee Air Force West
Lee Kiefer Notre Dame Midwest
Madison Zeiss Notre Dame Midwest
Luona Wang Penn Mid-Atlantic/South
Cassidy Seidl Penn Mid-Atlantic/South
Zuzanna Sobczak Wayne State (Mich.) Midwest
Lauren Miller Yale Northeast


Caitlin Taylor Brown Northeast
Christine Whalen Brown Northeast
Sarah Yee Columbia Northeast
Adrienne Jarocki Harvard  Northeast
Aliya Itzkowitz Harvard  Northeast
Cordelia Avery MIT Northeast
Alisha Gomez-Shah Northwestern  Midwest
Julia Abelsky Northwestern  Midwest
Nicole Glon Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Teodora Kakhiani Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Gracie Stone Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Diamond Wheeler Princeton  Mid-Atlantic/South
Julia Greene Sacred Heart  Northeast
Alexandra Tannous St. John's (N.Y.) Northeast
Alexa Rohan Stanford  West
Tiki Kastor Temple  Mid-Atlantic/South
Alexa Antipas Ohio State  Midwest
Celina Merza Ohio State  Midwest
Alyssa Hofelina Air Force  West
Gillian Litynski North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Johanna Thill Notre Dame Midwest
Shyria Joshi Penn Mid-Atlantic/South
Kaja Klodawska Wayne State (Mich.) Midwest
Joanna Lew Yale Northeast