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Sixteen Ivy Women's Rowers Named 2011 CRCA All-America Teams

Courtesy of the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association

PRINCETON, N.J. -- The Ivy League dominated the 2011 Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) Pocock All-America teams as 16 women's rowers received recognition, including 11 on the first team.

The CRCA All-America teams recognize the outstanding performances of rowers and coxswains on the national level in women's collegiate rowing by the following criteria:

-The student-athlete must meet all eligibility rules as defined by her institution
-The student-athlete must have rowed at least 75% of the current spring season's races in the varsity boat (before and including May 17, 2011)
- The student-athlete must be nominated by her institution
- The head soach of the student-athlete's institution must be a member in good standing of the CRCA

The nominated student-athletes are then selected to first and second teams based on the strength of finish of the institution's varsity eight within the country, coaches' comments and 2k erg score.

2011 CRCA Pocock All-America Teams

First Team
Tessie Allen, Brown University
Ashton Brown, Princeton University
Olivia Coffey, Harvard University
Laura Cowel, Michigan State University
Anna Dawson, Stanford University
Emily Dreissigacker, Dartmouth College
Ivana Filipovic, University of Southern California
Tessa Gobbo, Brown University
Mary Jeghers, University of California, Berkeley
Casey Kelsey, Brown University
Kara Kohler, University of California, Berkeley
Elle Logan, Stanford University
Stephanie Madner, Yale University
Felice Mueller, University of Michigan
Kristine O'Brien, University of Virginia
Emily Reynolds, Princeton University
Erika Roddy, Stanford University
Corinna Sharick, Washington State University
Michaela Strand, Princeton University
Maria Wilgotsson, University of Southern California
Lauren Wilkinson, Princeton University
Lila Flavin, coxswain, Princeton University

Second Team
Allison Courtin, Brown University
Ulrike Denker, Ohio State University
Rebecca Donald, University of Pennsylvania
Laura D'Urso, Clemson University
Natalie Eisermann, University of Michigan
Elise Etem, University of California, Berkeley
Taylor Goetzinger, Cornell University
Alex Japhet, Duke University
Vanessa Kleiss, University of Wisconsin
Kellie Lapointe, Michigan State University
Kristina Lofman, University of California, Berkeley
Grace Luczak, Stanford University
Maureen McAuilffe, George Mason University
Caroline Nash, Yale University
Christine Roper, University of Virginia
Claudia Schiwy, Ohio State University
Veronica Townsend, Northeastern University
Jennifer Vander Maarel, University of Texas, Austin
Lenka Vrecnikova, University of Southern California
Sarah Wolff, Washington State University
Ellie Smith, coxswain, Brown University