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Princeton Women's Fencing Claims Third-Straight Ivy League Title

Princeton Women's Fencing Claims Third-Straight Ivy League Title

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- The Princeton women’s team continued its dominance at the Ivy League Round-Robins by claiming a third consecutive Ivy League Championship with an unbeaten record of 6-0.

Freshman foil Ambika Singh went 17-1 lead the Tigers to the title while claiming the Most Outstanding Performer and Most Outstanding Rookie awards as voted on by the League’s head coaches.

Sunday began with the fifth round, which proved pivotal as Columbia carried a 3-0 record into a showdown with Harvard. After the teams were tied at 9-9, the Lions sabre trio of Sammy Roberts and Loweye and Essane Diedro won three straight to stake Columbia to a 12-9 lead it would not relinquish en route to a 14-13 win. All told, the Lions again capitalized in sabre, besting Harvard 7-2 in the weapon. Harvard’s two wins came as Caroline Vloka swept the Diedro twins (5-3 vs. Loweye and 5-2 vs. Essane). Roberts then downed Vloka, 5-2.

Also in round five, Princeton defeated Yale, 25-2, to move to 3-0 and Penn bested Cornell, 17-10.

The round five wins by Columbia and Princeton set up a showdown between the two 3-0 teams in round six. The teams were tied at 6-6 and then the Tigers rattled off five wins in a row to take the lead, 11-6. In epee, Columbia junior Lydia Kopecky came up with a win over Princeton junior Hannah Safford, 5-4, to move the score to 11-7. But back-to-back sabre wins by Joanna Cichomski and Diamond Wheeler moved the Tigers to within one win of the overall victory in the match. As it turned out, junior foilist Brianna Martin turned in the clinching win with a 5-2 victory over Columbia’s Abby Caparros-Janto

Also in round six, Harvard used a distinct 7-2 advantage in epee to beat Brown, 18-9, and Penn defeated Yale, 20-7, with 7-2 scores in sabre and foil.

The day ended with Princeton claiming the title in outright fashion thanks to a 23-4 win over Brown. Columbia downed Yale, 22-5, to take second and Harvard bested Cornell, 18-9, to finish third.

Most Outstanding Performer: Ambika Singh, Princeton (Foil)
Most Outstanding Rookie: Ambika Singh, Princeton (Foil)

First Team All-Ivy
Eliza Stone, Princeton Women's Sabre
Loweye Diedro, Columbia Women's Sabre
Samantha Roberts, Columbia Women's Sabre

Ambika Singh, Princeton, Women's Foil
Luona Wang, Penn, Women's Foil
Alexandra Kiefer, Harvard, Women's Foil
Kathy Chou, Harvard, Women's Foil 

Katharine Holmes, Princeton, Women's Epée
Hannah Safford, Princeton, Women's Epée
Diana Tsinis, Columbia, Women's Epée

Second Team All-Ivy
Caroline Vloka, Harvard, Women's Sabre
Essane Diedro, Columbia, Women's Sabre
Joanna Cichomski, Princeton, Women's Sabre

Kathryn Hawrot, Brown, Women's Foil
Sarah Parmacek, Penn, Women's Foil
Amrit Bhinder, Penn, Women's Epée
Emma Vaggo, Harvard, Women's Epée
Felicia Sun, Harvard, Women's Epée

Final Standings
1. Princeton, 6-0
2. Columbia, 5-1
3. Harvard, 4-2
4. Penn, 3-3
5. Yale, 2-4
6. Brown, 1-5
7. Cornell, 0-6  

Final Scores

Round One
Princeton def. Cornell 23-4 (E: 8-1; F: 7-2; S: 8-1)
Columbia def. Brown, 23-4 (E: 7-2; F: 7-2; 9-0)
Harvard def. Penn, 14-13 (E: 5-4; F: 5-4; S: 4-5)

Round Two
Yale def. Brown, 14-13 (E: 6-3; F: 6-3; S: 2-7)
Columbia def. Cornell, 21-6 (E: 8-1; F: 4-5; S: 9-0)
Princeton def. Penn, 16-11 (E: 5-4; F: 3-6; S: 8-1)

Round Three
Harvard def. Yale, 21-6 (E: 7-2; F: 6-3; S: 8-1)
Brown def. Cornell, 14-13 (E: 5-4; F: 4-5; S: 5-4)
Columbia def. Penn, 15-12 (E: 5-4; F: 4-5; S: 6-3)

Round Four
Yale def. Cornell, 16-11 (E: 6-3; F: 6-3; S: 4-5)
Princeton def. Harvard, 18-9 (E:5-4; F: 6-3; S:7-2)
Penn def. Brown, 19-8 (E: 8-1; F: 6-3; S: 5-4)

Round Five
Princeton def. Yale, 25-2 (E: 9-0; F: 8-1; S:8-1)
Columbia def. Harvard, 14-13 (E: 4-5; F: 3-6; S: 7-2)
Penn def. Cornell, 17-10 (E: 7-2, F: 4-5; S: 6-3)

Round Six
Penn def. Yale, 20-7 (E: 6-3; F: 7-2; S: 7-2)
Harvard def. Brown, 18-9 (E: 7-2; F: 5-4; S: 6-3)
Princeton def. Columbia, 18-9 (E: 6-3; F: 8-1; S: 4-5)

Round Seven
Columbia def. Yale, 22-5 (E: 8-1; F: 7-2; S: 7-2)
Harvard def. Cornell, 18-9 (E: 7-2; F: 4-5; S: 7-2)
Princeton def. Brown, 23-4 (E: 8-1; F: 7-2; S: 8-1)