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Photo credit: Brooke Zumas

Adam Frey Fundraiser Photos (Brooke Zumas)

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. -- Cornell's Adam Frey, competing against his hardest opponent ever, is still in high spirits and surrounded by people willing to help him.

On July 12, the wrestling community in New Jersey came together for a clinic and exhibition match at Rider University, which netted $15,000 for Frey's medical costs in his battle against cancer.

Organizer for the event, Josh Liebman, was gracious with the turnout and thankful for all the sponsorship.

"The event itself went very well. The whole Rider family was just great. Rider University ended up waiving all the fees and really just made this happen," said Liebman.

With smooth sailing and great wrestling Rider University suggested this should be an annual event. Rider is considering signing a five year contract according to Liebman.

With the gym's capacity around 1,800, Frey's event drew 1,000 supporters, if not more. Throughout the whole day, Frey was in shock about the amazing turnout.

"It''s really nice because Adam is originally from Pittsburgh, Pa, but if you didn't know better you would think he was a native from Jersey with the attendance we had. I was especially surprised during the times of our economic state. The community was so courteous with participating and all the donations, it really made me feel gracious," said Liebman.

A total of 36 wrestlers competed in the exhibition, using modified folkstyle rules. The competition was intense, but the spirit of the event was to have fun and offer the support for Adam. All of the wrestlers wore special Adam Frey singlets, donated by Cliff Keen and Worldwide Sports Supply.

The athletes included Frey in all their excitement and energy. Each wrestler showed Frey their appreciation through a post match protocol of shaking hands with Frey after each exhibition.

"The main-event match was an unbelievable show, with a lot of back and forth action," said Liebman.

The featured bout included Andrew Flanagan from Harvard and Scott Winston from Rutgers, competing at 165 pounds, a tough bout that was determined in the final seconds.

Liebman, who has known Flanagan since he was in fifth grade, was concerned that Flanagan's injuries over the last two years would affect his wrestling.

Liebman went out on a limb and asked Flanagan to help out and participate in the all star match. Without hesitation Flanagan was prepared and wanted to go on the mat and put on a show, wrestling one of the best.

"He's a 100% gamer," said Liebman.

With intense wrestling between Flanagan and Winston, a three-time state champ from New Jersey, Flanagan won the match with six seconds left with a takedown.

The day started with a clinic, featuring many top coaches and college wrestlers, all who donated their time for the cause.

In addition to the athletes, showing her own endurance and dedication was Debbie Tavares from Freedom Travel.

Debbie organized all the hotels and made sure Adam and his family were well taken care of. Going up and beyond, Debbie made thousands of brownies and cupcakes with ribbons on them for Adam???s battle. She really is an unbelievable inspiration,??? said Liebman.

New Jersey Wrestles against Cancer fundraiser was a huge success with high spirits, immense wrestling, and superior people.

"I honestly feel this was God's will to fall into place," said Liebman.

Those who wish to donate via mail should send a check payable to the Adam Frey Fund, and send it to: Adam Frey Fund, c/o Carla Sayles, Teagle Hall, Campus Road, Ithaca, NY 14953.

New Jersey Wrestles Against Cancer Fundraiser Results
at Lawrenceville, N.J., July 12

125- Rollie Peterkin (Penn) over Vinny DelleFave (Rutgers), 11-2
125- Brendan Byrne (Maryland) over Pat Hunter (ICCC), 10-4
133- Filip Novachavok (Cal Poly) over John Trumbetti (Lock Haven), 9-0
141- Trevor Melde (Rutgers) over Jimmy Conroy (Pitt), 4-2
141- Fred Rodgers (Rider) over Billy Ashult (Rutgers), 4-0
149- Dan Lopes UNC over Dave Greenwald (Rutgers), 7-2
149- Anthony Priore (Sacred Heart) over Mike Rappo (UNC), 4-3
157- Sean Byrnes (Newberry) over Hudson Collins (Brown), 7-4
157- Michael Kessler (Rider) over Mario Manson (Minnesota), 4-3
165- Andrew Flanagan (Harvard) over Scott Winston (Rutgers), 4-3
165- Mike Galante (Lehigh) over Kyle Kiss UNC, 4-0
174- Scott Griffin (Penn) over Rob Morrison (Rider), 6-4
174- Alex Caruso (Lehigh) over Nick Tenpenny (UNC), 3-2
184- Doug Umbenhauer (Rider) over Nick Basile (Cal Poly), Fall 3:14
197- Jared Platt over Mike Miller (Rider), 4-2
197- Jeff Siciliano (Del Val) over Pat Hogan, 6-0
HWT- Zack Rey (Lehigh) over Jim Powers (Cal Poly), 3-0
HWT- Ed Bordas (Rider) over Darren Sharp (Etown), 2-0